Russell Stephens is a proven leader in professional search and selection, with a core focus on fast-growth, turn-around, and strategy shift situations where dependability, confidentiality, and a high sense of urgency are paramount.

Armed with over thirty years of tried and tested experience, we have served our client companies in nearly every major industry including Commercial and Investment Banking, Venture Capital, Technology, Health Care, Real Estate, Aerospace, and Manufacturing.  Our satisfied clients have included every possible size from virtual start-ups, to multi-billion dollar publicly traded organizations.


At Russell Stephens, we keep the world working by recognizing that speed and urgency are vital in maintaining momentum for a successful organization.  For the last eleven years, our “time to complete” has been roughly one-half that of any of our competitors.

— A reputation of integrity —

Russell Stephens has consistently earned a five star ranking in attention to detail and completeness of service. Our sixteen point search process is recognized as the most thorough in the industry. Our comprehensive due diligence offers you a crystal clear portrait of each candidate before the interview process even begins.

— Attracting the best candidates… quickly and confidentially —

With one of the nation’s largest profiled database of professionals, scientific use of social media, and solid old fashioned recruiting, we offer the hiring executive a comprehensive summary of industry hiring trends, compensation, and professional labor availability.

We service our clients out of three primary locations: Pasadena, Newport Beach, and Ontario.

— For Further Information —


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