Career Management

Contrary to popular opinion, great leaders are not born, they are made.  They are made through their work,  experiences, achievements, and even through failures.  Determining how an individual has met challenges, responded to adversity, and utilized scarce resources is only a beginning point in the selection process.

Ask yourself:

* How likely is it that I can change careers?

* Does my career search really match my real interests?

* Did I tap the ‘hidden job market?’

* Does my Resume showcase Specialty?

* Did I receive the best offer possible?

* Are Hiring Authorities responsive to my credentials?

* Am I making a powerful presentation at my Interview,  or Meeting?

—Russell Stephens has helped thousands of job-seekers to navigate their careers.  Our specialty services help you with:—

* Career Transition / Job Skills Analysis

* Offer and Benefit Negotiation

* Job Winning Interview Technique

* Navigation of Social and Job Board Networking

* Building a resume that will guarantee interviews

— Russell Stephens provides one-on-one career consultation and job search services —




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