The Selection Process

We are uniquely successful in the hiring process.  The founding principles of our approach are built on attention to detail, a high sense of urgency, and the strength of character to offer an informed professional opinion.

Aside from search and placement, in a turbulent financial landscape we advise our clients additionally in the following ways:

  • Training and Structure for Human Resources Departments
  • Providing a Technical Evaluationof Human Resource efficiency.  Job Postings and Algorithms only go so far.  The Human Element is often lacking.
  • Temporary help to overburdened or out of area Human Resource Departments
  • Training new Managers how to interview efficiently
  • Outplacement Services for Employees
  • Conducting ‘departing employee evaluations’.  Often departing employees are reluctant to tell the real story. Losing key employees can cause a domino effect that can be stopped by Independent outside evaluations
  • Constructing advertising that attracts passive candidates
  • Development of position descriptions
  • Consultation on building a more efficient hiring format
  • Leveraging of Social Media

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